TikTracker: Stats, Likes, Fans  

TikTracker was developed and published by GFE Studios in August of 2019. In a few short months, TikTracker became the largest TikTok analytics app in the world, with over 5M downloads, and 1,000,000 monthly active users.

The app features individualized account statistics, TikTok video search, account earnings estimations, AI-generated hashtag suggestions, and more. Because of its international popularity, #tiktracker has over 100 Million views on TikTok.

Since the early days of TikTok, GFE Studios has been deeply involved with TikTok in numerous ventures. Our team has the deepest understanding of the TikTok platform, and we have strong industry relationships with some of the top creators, including Bryce Hall, Josh Richards, Candy Ken, and more.

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